Directions and a Poster


I trust you are coming to the Return to the Sugar Factory on Friday night at 8 p.m. But — perhaps you are wondering how to get to the new theater. In order to rock, is a trek into the mysterious, uncharted interior of Jersey City required?

Fear not.  This is a very easy show to get to! Art House Productions is only a block from the Grove Street PATH. No matter which PATH line you take from NYC, Grove will be the second stop in New Jersey. It’s the main station dedicated to Downtown Jersey City.  When you reach the station, exit at the eastern end of the platform. You will emerge reborn from a cylindrical glass chrysalis on to Marin Boulevard. Walk north toward Morgan Street.  345 Marin Blvd. will be on the left — between Morgan and Bay.   

If you are coming by car, there are quite a few underground lots near the train station.  For instance, there is an SP+ Parking at the corner of Marin and Columbus. You could also try your luck with street parking and wander about, getting ice cream and pizza and other regional delicacies.    

If you are coming from Jersey City or nearby, you are already familiar with our arcane ways.  These instructions will be old hat to you. Do not become impatient or enraged.  Here is a poster by BARC the Dog and Camp Tokar at Wonderbunker Studios to get you absurdly excited. I know I am. 

This is a free show for Jersey City Fridays, so there’ll be lots of worthy things to do all over town.  We are not telling you to ignore these other things. We are just hoping to electrify your itinerary.

Much love from JC,