Some relevant links

Since outgoing links are difficult to include in an Instagram post, I’m just going to drop these here. For starters, you want to get a seat at our twentieth anniversary celebration of Shootout at the Sugar Factory, don’t you? I bet you do. It’s the first rock show at the new Art House Productions theater, it’ll feature slides by photographer Dorie Dahlberg and projections by Frank Ippolito, and a track-by-track full band reanimation of the second and fritziest Tris McCall album. This is a Jersey City Friday show — 8 p.m. on September 8 — and that means it’s free. But you’ll still want to reserve a seat before they’re all taken:

Here’s the reservation link:

When in Jersey City, you might get hungry. That’s been known to happen. If you’re a non-carnivore like me, you’ll want to consult by Vegetarian Option series of trip reports/reviews of acclaimed restaurants for Jersey City Times. Here’s what I’ve covered so far:

Also, if you’re a connoisseur of positivity, you might want to read these two favorable reviews on NJ Arts: one for the Victor Ekpuk show at the Bainbridge House in Princeton, and another for “The Stories We Tell,” a group show at Akwaaba Gallery in Newark.

Okay, friends, that’s all for today. More later this week as the big show approaches.