everybody’s favorite topic. especially in an election year.  for the essential nj arts, i interviewed the lambertville, nj painter gwenn seemel, who has been responding to crude pro-trump graffiti in a public park with some unauthorized art of her own. in a conversation that might be called freewheeling, we talked about the line between vandalism and constructive […]

a farewell (for now) to the mothership

this weekend, we’ll have a closing reception for return to the mothership, the 111 first street-themed show that i curated for proarts.  i’ll be at 150 bay street from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. on sunday, march 24.  then we’ll say goodbye.  please come see the show if you haven’t.  if you have — or if […]

Critics Poll 34 — Singles

Not content to let any single one of their writers hog all the embarrassment, Pitchfork convened a critics’ roundtable to declare that 2023 contained no Song of the Summer. At the time of their summit meeting, Morgan Wallen had held the top spot on the Billboard 100 for weeks, and he’d go on to hold […]

Critics Poll 34 — My Ballot

Belle & Sebastian is my favorite band.  But when I make these annual lists, Belle & Sebastian doesn’t do as well as you’d expect a favorite band to do. Late Developers, their most recent album, is their best in a long time. I still decided that at least twenty other sets were better.  I might have reason […]

Black History Month Links

if it’s february in the garden state, that means excellent shows related to black history month.  did i go see them?  you betcha. for nj arts, i wrote about the masterful tenjin ikeda linocut exhibition at the 1978 arts center in maplewood.  curated by nette forne thomas, who had her own hallucinatory, symbol-rich show at […]

Like A Fledgling Slime Demon, The 2023 Pop Music Abstract Has Hatched

Some people wait a lunchtime for a moment like this. Friends, the 2023 Pop Music Abstract has arrived: http://trismccall.net/pop-music-abstract-2023/ Forty-one thousand words on one hundred and eighty-seven records. A record for excess; Tales From Topographic Me. After a year of writing constructive, wholesome things, I committed a few nights to a thoroughly corrosive and irresponsible […]

2023 Listening Schedule

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 El Michels Affair & Black Thought — Glorious Games The Reds, Pinks & Purples — The Town That Cursed Your Name SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 Belle & Sebastian — Late Developers Olivia Rodrigo — Guts SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10 Avalon Emerson — & The Charm Juan Wauters — Wandering Rebel MONDAY, DECEMBER 11 Travis […]

Pre-Art Week Links

another links page! i’m mainly doing this because instagram doesn’t play well with outgoing links. also, instagram irritates me. i know: social media is a professional responsibility. still, i’d much rather have you come here. i am my own social network. anyway.  the calendar is about to turn to october, and the studio tour is […]

Directions and a Poster

Friends, I trust you are coming to the Return to the Sugar Factory on Friday night at 8 p.m. But — perhaps you are wondering how to get to the new theater. In order to rock, is a trek into the mysterious, uncharted interior of Jersey City required? Fear not.  This is a very easy show to […]

Some relevant links

Since outgoing links are difficult to include in an Instagram post, I’m just going to drop these here. For starters, you want to get a seat at our twentieth anniversary celebration of Shootout at the Sugar Factory, don’t you? I bet you do. It’s the first rock show at the new Art House Productions theater, […]