Pre-Art Week Links

another links page! i’m mainly doing this because instagram doesn’t play well with outgoing links. also, instagram irritates me. i know: social media is a professional responsibility. still, i’d much rather have you come here. i am my own social network.

anyway.  the calendar is about to turn to october, and the studio tour is about to mash up with art fair 14c and send us all into a tizzy.  especially me!   i will fight through my tizzy and cover as much of it as i can.  but before we get to the big blowout in jersey city, we have some unfinished business to attend to:

for the wonderful nj arts (which you should be reading every day), i covered the ann trauben and mona brody shows at the watchung arts center.  

i also had this to say about the current show at the zimmerli, which, like many zimmerli shows is a piece of new jersey arts history:

for the indispensable jersey city times, i rounded up some of the openings and closings happening this busy weekend.   my column includes katelyn halpern’s disaster place at smush, andrea mckenna’s spectral disintegration show at art house, caridad kennedy’s surreal acrylics and watercolors at saint peter’s, the latest at imur gallery, kirkland bray at the artwall, and a few other events worthy of your attention:

if you missed my review of the slow selfie show at novado gallery, here it is:

okay — before the fair kicks off, expect reactions to the new gallery shows in montclair, valerie huhn’s opening in princeton, maybe a few other things?  maybe your exhibition?  keep bugging me.

thank you for making our return to the sugar factory such a happy occasion.  more rock soon. but now: a truckload of art. and reporting.