The Well-Tempered Overlord

When I was a young person taking piano lessons, dutifully and klutzily doing my scales and listening to Keith Emerson in my spare time, I always hoped that one day I’d play synthesizers on an album like this one. But I didn’t think I ever would. I didn’t think I’d be good enough.

Most childhood hopes come to nothing: for instance, I never did get to pitch for the Mets. My chances of becoming a caped avenger are getting slimmer by the day. And I still don’t think I’m good enough to play on an album as tight and musically adventurous as The Well-Tempered Overlord. But my bandmates sure are, and I’m happy they’ve kept me around for the ride.

The Well-Tempered Overlord is out today, and it’s available through the usual channels — iTunes, Amazon, etc. Since we’re an old-fashioned bunch, you can even get a CD from us if you want one. But that’s not why I’m writing today. Although I’m certain you’re going to like The Well-Tempered Overlord as much as I do, I don’t want you to order the album over the Internet and admire us from afar. That’s boring. I want you to come to Cake Shop on Saturday, September 17 and get a copy from us in person as we celebrate its release with the best and most cathartic show we’ve ever done. I know we’ve got it in us. Doors are at 8, music starts at 9, tickets available at the door or here through Ticketfly.

If you haven’t yet seen the video for “Mission To Mars”, you really should. Trust me. It’s right here.

Cake Shop has always been Overlord’s home away from home, and we love it like Kirk loves the Enterprise, like Kathy Lee loves Regis, like Lawrence Ferlinghetti loved City Lights. If you’ve seen us play, there’s a very good chance it’s been in that basement room. If you haven’t and don’t know where it is, but you’ve always wanted to visit New York City’s premier spot for cupcake pop, swirly/jangly/echoey guitar psych, and fuzzed-out melodic nonsense, direct yourself down to 152 Ludlow Street between Stanton and Rivington. We’re sharing this bill with our friends in Pale Lights. We’ll see you there.