I am really sorry about this. I’ve been struggling with this interface, and today, it tripped me up. For reasons I don’t understand, the software reverted to a prior save just as I was about to post the Miscellaneous Categories page. That page is the biggie. It takes me about two days to do. The prior save had just about nothing on it. I couldn’t believe it, but there it is.

I’d like to — I ought to — get right back to it, but I can’t. I have to finish my work and get to practice. I promise I’ll be back to it as soon as I can.


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  1. whoa. holy sheetz. that’s really terrible. but, you still have it in your head, right? i assume you just need the time to unload what’s already in there onto the screen, right?

  2. Friday won’t be triple cool. But I will be back to it as soon as I can be, which will probably be tonight.

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