The Myth Of The Acid No-Hitter, And Other Drug Stories

As a kid learning about baseball, Dock Ellis was, to me, just another face on a bubblegum card. Not a particularly valuable card, either, considering Ellis was doing his pitching in near-anonymity under the Arlington sun. I would have given you three of Dock for one of Amos Otis or John “The Count” Montefusco. Shortly […]

Critics Poll XX: Miscellany, Part Two

Trends For 2010 Matt Sirinides: Don’t make me say a blog buzz word. Sudeep Dutt: NOISE. Jason Paul: Hipster music (Ke$ha finally breaks the mainstream.) Efrain Calderon: New artists delivering over-hyped debuts that will be forgotten before you can clap your hands and say, “Yeah!”. Sara Hayes: Lots of crappy pop music, and not enough […]