Tris McCall & The Cellphone Thieves, June 4

This is a picture of a lemming. Kawaii, desu ne?

I am in a good mood because we are doing a show outside the PATH Train station on June 4. Folks from Grove Pointe will call City Hall to complain about the noise and this will ruin my good mood, but that is down the road. For now, I can be excited about participating in a Jersey City Fridays event. Overlord did it last year and it was lots of fun. It rained buckets and it still felt like a party. This time it will not rain buckets (fingers crossed). Come down to the tent! You are commuting home that way anyway! Show starts at 8pm; more details to follow.

Tris McCall & The Public Option @ Pianos, April 14

It is almost berry picking season! To celebrate, let us do a show.

Tris McCall & The Public Option
158 Ludlow Street
Wednesday, April 14

Also on the bill: Sara Hallie Richardson. Sara sings all over Let The Night Fall, and she’s done the last few full-band shows with me. She has an album of her own called A Curious Paradox. (I don’t sing on it.) Be sure to come early to catch Sara’s set.

This will be the last full-band show in NYC for a little while because I am returning to the studio to make more cookies for you. Don’t miss it!


Rockwood Music Hall, Tuesday, March 30

I will be doing a 7pm showcase set at Rockwood Music Hall on the 30th of March. I intend to play their baby grand piano. Expect some brand new material.

Come down after work. Or if you don’t work, just come down before practice. They’ll pass the hat, but admission is free, and I won’t be counting the quarters in the collection plate.

Tris McCall
Tuesday, March 30
Rockwood Music Hall
184 Allen Street

Pianos, Wednesday, February 10

Please attend my (hopefully) triumphant return to the Pianos stage (158 Ludlow Street, just south of Stanton). It’s 10pm on Wednesday the 10th of February. This’ll be a full band show. I think we’re going to resurrect the Senate Judiciary Committee name for this one. It seems appropriate to the moment.

Thanks, everybody, for coming to the last few performances. It’s been great to see you all.

Union Hall, Thursday, January 21

110_first2I’m pulling double-duty.  First, I’ll be singing and playing piano with Overlord.  Then, I’m doing a show with my own group.  If that isn’t enough of a me explosion, the excellent I’m Turning Into is closing the night.  That’s Jhon and Edd from My Teenage Stride.

Doors open at 7:30.  $7 for all this rock.  I call that an unbeatable deal.  And if you disagree, you can always go upstairs and play bocce.